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Zen Call Taker™

Defusing Angry Customer Service Calls
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Harne & Associates is located near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and deals exclusively with employee termination services and customer service phone calls.

Firing employees
has become increasingly complicated in today's high pressure work environment.  While most terminations go smoothly, there are a significant number that end in either serious injury or death.  Often the perpetrator responsible for these tragedies was known by co-workers and management as either a "difficult personality" or "disturbed"  prior to the termination; however, for any number of reasons, proper precautions were not taken by management to mitigate a violent outburst.  The end results are death and/or serious injury, bad publicity and lawsuits.

The goal of Harne & Associates is to educate and assist corporations and governments in the proper handling of a potentially violent employee who is about to be terminated. 

Customer serivce calls can make or break a company.  While the training employees receive in this crucial area may be adequate for general questions pertaining to the organization, it's often lacking when dealing with an irate customer using colorful language and demanding resolution immediately.  Zen Call Taker™ training was developed to fill that need.  It's based on the combination of a Zen mindset and tricks of the trade utilized in 911 centers to handle challenging callers in a calm and efficient manner.
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